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🔨 Product Stack

End-to-end product modeling, data analysis, Agile methodology, SCRUM, QA, UXUI design, prototyping, onboarding, SDLC modeling, roadmap development, wire-framing, product A/B testing, feature flags, conversion testing, customer feedback, churn prevention, product diaries, product release cycling, pricing creation, monetization and economy development, data structuring, database management, API development

🎨 Marketing Stack

Market research, persona development, SEO/SEM/ASO, campaign development, digital advertising management, demand generation, A/B testing, graphic design, digital media marketing, mobile advertising, social media marketing, influencer marketing, CRMs

💡Business Stack

Startups, team building, business management, data intelligence, milestone planning, KPIs creation, pricing modeling, roadmapping, software development, sales, customer support, marketing, capital management, tribe building, business mentoring

💻 Technical Stack

Sketch, Pendo, Figma, Visio, Canva,, GitHub, Atlassian, Amplitude, ProductPlan, Gartner, Zendesk, Adobe creative suite, Apple developer, Google Play Store, Hubspot, Salesforce, AWS, GPC, Firebase, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, and basic understanding of Flutter, React, JS, Web3

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