A few innovative ventures I've helped recently launch 🚀
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Wake - A social network for nightly dreams. Let's users post, tag, share and see who has experienced the same nightly dreams as them.

Birdie - Service based mobile applicaiton in development.

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emoteShare - Web plugin for tracking social reactions. 

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420 Social Club -- Specialty clothing and socks dropshipping store. Why not partake in the "green" revolution in a legal way?

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M2M - My music label that I have two albums released under. Best defined as a geometric symphony of ambient gravity wells, space time, light, and EDM.


Zombie Ditch - A fun mobile app based on traditional side-scrolling. If you like zombies and classic runners download and lose some time zombie hunting.

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SquadPod - An all-in-one collaboration platform on web, iOS, Andriod that lets small teams chat, video, manage tasks, calendar, files, and create workspaces called pods.


AeroShield - Drone security and AI packaged into one powerhouse security system. AeroShield provides a rapid response drone to stops and prevent active shooters.

Recrooty - A recruiting platform built for kick-ass recruiters and headhunters to manage their candidates with ease. Chat, tag, track, manage and collaborate on candidates.

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GuacApps - App development company I launched with a qualified team I work with to design, develop and launch kickass mobile apps.


Bubble Bunnys Adventure - A fun mobile app based on the novel plush toys called Bubble Bunnys I created back in 2007. Help Blueberry on his adventure across the universe.


Animal City - A fun mobile app where you bounce Bubble Bunnys looking characters into the air and try to catch them in correlating pipe. Careful, speeds increase the better you get at this game.

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