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Skills used: Graphic Design, UX Design, CSS, HTML5, Equity Financing, Venture Capital, Sales, Social Media Marketing, Video Production & Editing, Writing, Content Creation, Brand Management, Community Management.


A social reaction platform that introduces a fun new social metric to let people give their true, unfiltered reaction to anything they want in a matter of seconds. No more thinking about what to say, tweet, write or review. In an instant, express authentically how you feel about whatever it is you’re experiencing. In 2015 the estimated evaluation of the company was raised to $2.4M (assets and IP included). We’re on a mission to bring emotional convergence to digital media and the world.

24 Hour Fitness

Skills used: Online Sales, Telephone Sales, Cold Leads, In-Person Sales, Lead Generation, Customer Service, POS Management.


24 Hour Fitness is the world's largest (by memberships) privately owned and operated fitness center chain. From 2014 to 2015 I had the pleasure of working at the San Ramon Headquarters fitness center, with the best of the best in the company. During my time at 24, myself and the team of 10 sales individuals I worked with generated over $1.2MM in new membership sales and assisted over 8000+ new members in getting started on their way towards a healthy lifestyle. I also conducted 36,000+ phone calls to leads and members.


Skills used: Social Media, HTML5, CSS, MySQL, Android SDK, Javascript, Video Production, Graphic Design, Graphic Art, Community Management, Content Generation.


A social networking website built for sharing your nightly dreams. Within 6 months our database had logged over 30,000+ nightly dreams. Uprophecy contained a proprietary method for quantifying dreams and associated emotional data with a bold software algorithm in attempt to tap into the world’s collective unconscious. I personally, developed all aspects of website layout, app design and UX. While the website is currently down, as I focus my attention on other projects; the app Dream Log has 50,000+ downloads to date and remains one of the Top 3 downloaded and rated dream journal apps in the world within the Android market.



Skills used: IP law, Copyright, Trademark, Claims Development, Patent Architecture, Venture Capital, Applicant of YCombinator, Applicant of Berkeley BPLAN, UX design, Business Plan development.


At its  Led a team of 6 UC Berkeley students, to develop a revolutionary tactical combat helmet that provided a digital Heads Up Display with 360 degree FOV, thermal, infrared, and electromagnetic spectrums for use in both military defense and civilian safety applications.peak the team and I were pursuing $6M in equity funding to build a prototype based on our patent-pending apparatus and software. I also organized an advisory board consisting of CEOs and CFOs from both public and private companies totaling over 100+ years of experience.


Outlaws & Preachers

Skills used: Talent Acquisition, Artist Management, Brand Management, Content Licensing, Studio Recording, Social Media Management.


Managed and assisted in the growth of the rock indie band Outlaws & Preachers. Negotiating gigs and events for them to play live at around the San Francisco Bay Area. While also acquiring an award winning Oakland recording studio for them to record their album in. I provided legal assistance, contract negotiation and social media content generation for the band through custom graphics, video production, and photography.

Bubble Bunnys

Skills used: Product Placement, Inventory Management, International Shipping, Graphic Design, Graphic Art, Content Generation, Trademark Law, Copyright Law, Patent Law, Children's Story Creation.


Novel plush characters made for all ages. Created a strategic partnership with to donate portion of toy sales to endangered species. Teamed up with celebrities such as Stephen Curry, Wente Vineyards and several actresses to promote our brand. Developed a substantial online social media presence through Myspace, Facebook and YouTube. Produced both nation wide and international sales. At its peak, Bubble Bunnys was sold at several Bay Area toy stores. Was in talks with Starbucks Corporation to introduce them as a promotional item.

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